ADESA and Black Book now work with Recurrent’s EV battery reports

Recurrent is now working with two of the most notable names in wholesale – ADESA and Black Book – according to separate announcements made Wednesday.

First, ADESA launched a new status reporting feature to show the performance of electric vehicle batteries. Powered by Recurrent – an EV battery and range analytics company – the EV Range Score is available on the majority of used EVs transacting in the U.S. market, providing buyers more transparency and confidence when buying electric vehicles.

Next, Black Book announced the integration of its VIN-specific data into an assessment tool based on Recurrent’s new Range Score.

The range score is designed to make it easier to understand the expected range of a used electric vehicle by comparing a unit’s current expected range to what was normal when new, which often differs from its rated range. by the EPA.

ADESA and Black Book executives explained why they made the decision to align with Recurrent, which was one of this year’s Emerging 8 winners.

“Adoption of electric vehicles continues to accelerate, so we’re excited to evolve our status reporting to ensure customers have a more complete view of every vehicle,” said ADESA President John Hammer. “Adding Recurrent’s Range Score ensures customers have access to the most relevant vehicle health data – including a clearer understanding of EV battery health – and can make purchasing decisions. and selling faster and smarter.”

“By combining our vehicle valuation data with battery health data from Recurrent, consumers and dealers can access a unique insight into the accurate valuation of a used electric vehicle,” said said Black Book Chairman Jared Kalfus. “We are delighted to have been selected to power this tool.”

During the inspection process, the vehicle VIN number for an eligible electric vehicle is shared through Recurrent’s software to generate a range score from zero to 100. This information is clearly displayed on the Status Report along with a range score badge.

Once the user clicks on the badge, more information is displayed, including warranty details and expected battery performance in a comprehensive recurring report.

“The battery is a big part of the cost of a used electric vehicle and most of the concerns we hear from buyers – they want to know how the battery will hold up,” said Scott Case, co-founder and CEO of Recurrent. . “ADESA is establishing itself as a leader in the electric vehicle market by helping sellers convey that confidence to buyers at every step of the used car wholesale process.”

More than 50 dealerships have added the recurring range scores to their inventory of used electric vehicles. More detailed used electric vehicle reports, called recurring reports, are also available to share information about battery warranties, expected range under different conditions, and how range is expected to change after three years of ownership. .

Black Book said early results indicate vehicles with recurring reports can sell for thousands of dollars more than those without, and create a much better shopping experience by setting the right expectations around from the range.

For EV owners looking to sell, Recurrent will share their range score with dealers and curate offers so it’s easy to compare and select a buyer.

Black Book’s vehicle valuation is combined with Recurrent’s new Range Score value, which uses modeling from 100 million recorded EV miles to make value adjustments for good batteries.

The new partnership is a step toward adding transparency to a rapidly growing used electric vehicle market that includes more than 2.5 million vehicles in the United States. Initially eligible vehicle models include Chevrolet Bolt, Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y.

“We founded Recurrent with a mission to give used electric vehicle buyers confidence, and a lot of that starts with price,” Case said. “The combination of Recurrent’s battery knowledge and Black Book’s automotive market expertise looks a lot like the change we were originally hoping to see.”

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