Aptera’s Newly Unveiled and Futuristic Solar Electric Vehicle Prototype Has a Range of 1,000 Miles!

Aptera Motors took its time to make sure its first solar electric offering was perfect before offering it as a production model. That said, they’ve made some serious progress lately and just released the gamma version for a public premiere in San Diego. The unveiling of the gamma version is Aptera’s third since it first announced the design in 2019.

The company has suggested that the three-wheeled vehicle could go into production as early as next year. Aptera refined the design and completed the interior of the most recent prototype. The technical capabilities of the electric vehicle are still amazing and the car is capable of driving up to 1,000 miles on a single charge, making it one of the most impressive alternative energy cars we’ve seen.

Let’s take a closer look at Aptera’s futuristic new solar EV prototype that can travel up to 1,000 miles per charge!

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Previous Iterations and History of Aptera’s Solar EV

Aptera initially sought crowdfunding to jump-start its development efforts in 2019 after reforming its once liquidated company. The California-based startup found real funding for its concept in a $4 million Series A funding round in early 2021 after revealing its first prototype in late 2020.

Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro, co-owners of Aptera Motors Corp, market the car as “the world’s most efficient on-road vehicle”. The original design, the Apera 2 series, was a two-seat three-wheeler that boasted incredible efficiency that saw up to 300 MPG when plugged in at 120-mile intervals. It wasn’t good enough for the company, however, and they decided to revamp the idea into a full electric vehicle.

The subsequent redesign saw the Aptera as a battery-powered electric vehicle that was tested for up to 1,000 miles and had built-in solar panels that could add up to 40 miles of range per day. This gave the Aptera concept the title of the most efficient and longest vehicle ever developed with the intention of mass production. For comparison, the longest model currently offered by Tesla, the Model S Long Range Plus, can travel up to 405 miles and the newest Lucid Air offered is capable of 520 miles.

Further upgrades to the car continued as the company prepared for the production launch. In December 2020, they unveiled their updated prototype alongside model details and options. Finally, the company offered pre-orders on the highly anticipated car and in just over a week deposits were made for over 3,000 vehicles, worth over $1 million. In just a few months, pre-orders grew exponentially and the company held deposits of over $2 million worth of vehicles.

A project update in December 2021 noted that the company had over 15,000 reservations, over 8,000 investors and had begun building new factory space to produce the vehicle and meet high demand. Employment doubled for the company, and they continued to grow throughout the year, with projections to start production in late 2022 and more details on the best EV features revealed by the company. .

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Aptera Solar EV Current Specifications and Features

The production model is now a little closer, as Aptera offered the Gamma version of the car earlier this month. Although it no longer looks like they will meet their production target this year, as they hoped in February 2021, the company is confident that the car will be ready in 2023.

Reservations on the site are still open and only require a $100 deposit for the final cost of the car. Colors available include Luna Silver, Sol White, Noir Black, or a “custom” color option for an additional $1,500, which requires contacting a representative prior to delivery to clarify your desired design.

While the car is capable of reaching a range of up to 1,000 miles, buyers can also opt for cheaper batteries that allow ranges of up to 250 miles for $25,900. For $4,000 more, the battery will provide 400 miles of range. For $34,600, the battery can reach 600 miles of range, and for the ultimate 1,000 miles, buyers are looking at $44,900.

Other power options are also customizable when it comes to solar power. Aptera only includes the solar roof and dash, however, there are options to add panels on the hood ($300), rear hatch ($600) and to add all panels for a combo deal at only $900. A front-wheel-drive system is also included in the car’s base price, while an all-wheel-drive system can be had for an additional $2,500.

The Aptera’s interior colors are also driver-selectable. Three standard color combinations, including white/blue, cream/tan, and black/orange, are included in the price, but again a “custom” color option is available for an additional $900 and a representative will contact you first. the delivery.

If you thought the custom options and potentially expensive upgrades stopped there, you’d be wrong. Aptera also offers several add-ons as “Limited Edition Upgrades” at final purchase price which includes “Safety Pilot” which includes Level 2 Autonomous Driving, Lane Keeping, Adaptive Cruise and Braking emergency for an additional $1300.

You can also add “Enhanced Audio” for $600 to increase the depth of your sound and deepen your bass with three additional audio channels, a “Camping Kit,” which includes a built-in tent and rear awning for $600, a “Pet Kit” which offers a pet separator and accessories for $300, and an “Off-Road Kit” which offers higher ground clearance and tougher wheel covers for those who want to take their Aptera off-road for 1,000 $.

With all the upgrades and custom colors included, the Aptera is currently expected to cost $54,500 at the top end. Although the vehicle is still in pre-production and details may eventually change, you can research most Gamma version offers to remain available on the final production version.

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