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Utmel: The global scale of electricity battery recycling and energy storage will exceed 1 TWh by 2030.

Utmel said the rapid penetration of the global market for new energy vehicles has spurred the installation of power batteries to increase year on year. At the same time, the technology path of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the field of electrochemical energy storage has become the main solution of newly installed capacity in recent years, and its proportion is increasing rapidly.

Utmel estimates that the global scale of electricity and energy storage battery recycling will exceed 1 TWh by 2030, with lithium iron phosphate batteries accounting for more than 58% of the total.

Despite fierce competition, the actual scale of recycling retired power batteries is low.

However, there are still several major issues to be addressed in the battery recycling industry at this stage.

First, the lithium-ion battery recycling industry is still in its infancy, with around 70% of used batteries coming from defective products and battery factory waste, implying that the true scale of recycling is still weak.

Second, the number of participants in the battery recycling industry is increasing, and the overall industry standardization still needs to be improved.

Take the Chinese market as an example, since 2020, China has continued to introduce electric battery recycling policies. In 2021, newly registered battery recycling related businesses exceeded 10,000, an increase of about 4 times compared to 2020.

However, according to the Chinese Industrial Specification Conditions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for New Energy Vehicle Enterprises Electric Waste Battery Full Traction (hereinafter referred to as the Enterprise White List), only 45 will be operational by the end of 2021. .

According to statistics from Utmel, the annual production capacity of waste battery comprehensive processing of whitelisted enterprises has exceeded 1.01 million tons, and the planned production capacity of waste battery processing of enterprises has exceeded 4 .25 million tons.

However, the actual lithium-ion battery recycling volume in China in 2021 is less than 300,000 tons, indicating that the idle capacity of the battery recycling industry is quite obvious.

Echelon and recycling go hand in hand to create a circular economy in the battery industry.

In China, one of the world’s largest new energy vehicle markets, the installed scale of the global electric battery market will exceed 3 TWh by 2030, and the installed scale of Chinese electric battery is expected to occupy about 45%. of the world.

Therefore, the efficient use of battery life cycle will be one of the important ways to build a low-carbon economy in the future. In addition, battery recycling and utilization can not only make up for the shortage of resources, but also reduce the impact and pressure on the environment and resources from the operation, production and use of batteries. primary mineral resources.

According to Utmel’s research, the recycling of used lithium-ion batteries in China is currently divided into phased use and recycling.

Utilization scale is the gradual utilization of the power battery storage capacity to less than 80% in areas such as backup power, small energy storage, low-speed vehicles ( such as take-out two-wheelers, express three-wheelers) and four-wheeled micro-electric vehicles, etc.

However, most of the energy storage staged uses are still at the experimental demonstration stage and are excluded from large-scale energy storage projects by the National Energy Administration of China; while the use of regeneration is primarily the dismantling of removed power batteries to recover lithium, cobalt, nickel and other precious metals and reuse them for regenerative manufacturing of battery materials.

Recycling mainly consists of recovering lithium, cobalt, nickel and other precious metals after dismantling and reusing them in the regenerative manufacture of battery materials.

Utmel: Global electricity and energy storage battery recycling scale will exceed 1 TWh by 2030, SHENZHEN, China, Nov 11, 2022

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