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As we all know by now, electric vehicles are expensive. And if you want to convert a classic car into an EV, it will cost you even more. As a result, we are seeing more and more people converting old gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles themselves.

If you want to build your own electric vehicle or watch others create amazing electric vehicles in their garage, we’ve got you covered. DIY electric vehicle builds can be pretty dangerous, and it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s a growing trend with impressive results. And while you can find countless beautiful EV conversions online, we wanted to highlight some epic DIY electric vehicles.

All-electric military Humvee

Zack Nelson, the man behind the hugely popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, has spent the last year slowly building his electric truck. It’s not just any truck either. It’s an original 1995 military Humvee (HMMWV) with a cutout in the roof for guns and all.

His channel is known for testing the durability of smartphones and gadgets, but Zack has a host of hobbies, including his new EV Humvee. Considering the GM Hummer EV costs over $115,000 and the Cybertruck has had several delays, he took matters into his own hands and made his own.

His videos are unique because they are informative, rather than just showing cool stuff like most YouTubers. Zack shares the ups, downs, struggles and failures, explains why he chose Tesla battery cells and details every decision along the way.

And yes, he removed the rear seats and threw in a whole host of Tesla battery cells to give this thing insane amounts of power and range. It’s a pleasure you don’t want to miss.

You can watch the full build series playlist here.

1978 Ferrari 308 GTS EV

The Ferrari 308 GTS goes electric
Electric GT

The DIY Humvee above can go just about anywhere, but it’s definitely not fast. If you need speed, you’ll love this 1978 Ferarri 308 GTS that ditched the powerful engine for batteries and electric motors.

Two enthusiasts set out to make an old classic Ferrari faster than ever possible in 1978 by turning it into an electric vehicle. Owners Eric Hutchinson and Brock Winberg were so successful in making the first electric Ferrari that the whole DIY build ended up on the news with CNBC.

What makes this Ferrari DIY EV special is that it’s still a supercar. It is faster than the original 308 GTS. And while I’m sure a few classic car owners will hate the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning a classic into an EV and losing that sweet V8 sound, it’s still pretty impressive to see what the two have accomplished in 2016.

Electric vehicles have come a long way over the past few years, but in 2016 things weren’t so clear cut, making this DIY build a reference for the books. Now they even sell kits so you can create your own DIY EV if you dare. Head over to the ElectricGT website and see for yourself.

DIY electric supercar

While several companies offer EV conversion kits, there’s something special about watching an ordinary guy build one himself, unaided, from the comfort of his garage. YouTube channel Electric SuperCar did just that, from 2019, and the trip is worth watching.

The creator took a K1-Attack kit car and slowly, piece by piece, transformed it into a stunning electric supercar that is unlike anything else on the road. Without an entire company, engineers, battery experts, R&D and whatever else Ford or Rivian have, it was a slow process. But as you can see, it was worth it.

Luckily for you, the video above is a comprehensive overview of the DIY electric supercar. He talks about steering and suspension, wiring 12V systems, making all the parts, adding Tesla motors, and everything else you might want to know.

Ford Model A EV Conversion

Rich Benoit is a YouTuber with a channel known as Rich Rebuilds. And while he made headlines for converting a Tesla into a gas-guzzling V8 that he takes to car shows, it’s not the only project on the line. In fact, Rich converted an old classic Ford Model A truck into a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle.

A DIY EV project is tough enough, but things get even tougher when dealing with a vehicle as old as a Model A. He ripped off the mighty (for the time) Chevy 305 at the inside, threw in electric motors and batteries, and fabricated several parts to make everything work.

His video covers some ugly truths about building your own electric vehicle and how much the process costs. At first, his goal was to keep it affordable with Tesla parts, which proved difficult. The video explains how everything will end up costing more than you’re likely expecting, but you’ll still be able to watch much of his process as he converts a classic rod into a modern electric vehicle.

Build your own electric vehicle

Ford custom truck with e-till eingine

If any of these stories inspire you, you have several options these days. Popular websites such as the DIYelectriccar forum are full of useful tips, advice and inspiration. Even better, Ford jumped on the DIY bandwagon as fast as it could and is selling the e-crate engine from its Mustang Mach-E. In this way, ordinary people can build the electric vehicle of their dreams.

You can get your own Ford Eluminator e-create engine for $4,300, and you’ll be well on your way to building an electric vehicle. Next, Ford plans to offer more EV parts soon to help enthusiasts and DIYers bring their projects to life.

In the meantime, you’ll probably need to fabricate a few parts, assemble some Tesla batteries, and scour the internet until you find a solution that works for your build.

Or, you can watch from afar like me and enjoy what others create.

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