6 Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Stocks to Consider – Advanced Investing for Beginners

The growing demand for electric vehicles is fueling a strong demand for electric car batteries. In 2017, Allied Market Research estimated the global electric vehicle battery market size at $23 billion and this figure is expected to reach $84 billion by 2025.

Currently, the development of solid-state batteries looks very promising for electric vehicles, but lithium-ion batteries are driving the demand for electric vehicle batteries.

There aren’t many publicly traded electric vehicle battery manufacturers that are top players in the market, and in some ways that’s a good thing.

Here are the main electric vehicle (car) battery stocks:


Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, leases and sells electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems in the United States, China, the Netherlands, Norway and around the world.

The Company operates in two segments, Automotive; and energy production and storage.

  • The Automotive segment offers sedans and sport utility vehicles. It also provides electric powertrain components and systems; and services for electric vehicles through its company-owned service outlets and Tesla mobile service technicians, as well as the sale of used vehicles. This segment markets and sells its products through a network of company-owned stores and galleries, as well as through its own website.
  • The Energy Generation and Storage segment offers energy storage products, such as rechargeable lithium-ion battery systems for use in homes, industrial and commercial facilities, and distribution networks; and designs, manufactures, installs, services, leases and sells solar power generation and energy storage products to residential and commercial customers.

It also provides automobile insurance services, as well as renewable energy.

The company was formerly known as Tesla Motors, Inc. and changed its name to Tesla, Inc. in February 2017. Tesla, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

2.Panasonic Corp.

Panasonic Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, develops, produces, sells and services electrical and electronic products under the Panasonic brand throughout the world.

It operates through Home Appliances, Eco Solutions, Connected Solutions, Automotive and Industrial Systems and Other segments.

  • The Household Appliances segment offers air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, personal care products, microwave ovens, digital cameras, home audio equipment, video equipment, landline telephones , vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, showcases, compressors, fuel cells, etc. .
  • The Eco Solutions segment provides luminaires, lamps, wiring devices, solar photovoltaic systems, water-related products, interior and exterior furnishing materials, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, air purifiers, etc. air, bicycles, nursing-related products, etc.
  • The Connected Solutions segment offers in-flight entertainment systems and communication services, electronic component assembly machinery, soldering equipment, PCs and tablets, projectors, broadcast and professional audio visual systems, security cameras monitoring, etc.
  • The Automotive & Industrial Systems segment provides infotainment systems for automotive use, electrical components, automotive mirrors, lithium-ion and automotive batteries, dry cell batteries, automation controls, electric motors, electronic components, electronic materials, semiconductors, LCD panels, etc.
  • The Others segment provides single-family house construction, apartment rental and house renovation services; and sells land, properties and condominiums.

The company offers its products to commercial and industrial customers, as well as to consumers. Panasonic Corporation has a strategic partnership with Plug and Play and Welcome Air-Tech Ltd. The company was previously known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Panasonic Corporation was founded in 1918 and is headquartered in Kadoma, Japan.

3. LG Chem

LG Chem, Ltd. operates in the petrochemicals, energy solutions, advanced materials and life sciences sectors in South Korea, China, Asia, the United States, Europe and internationally.

It provides olefin petrochemicals, including ethylene, propylene, butadiene from naphtha and benzene; synthetic resin and synthetic components based on olefins and aromatic petrochemicals; PE, polypropylene, bisphenol A, acrylonitrile butadiene styrenes, EP, polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, acrylics, super absorbent polymers, synthetic rubber and others.

The company also manufactures and supplies computer batteries and new applications for mobile phones and laptops; automotive batteries for electric vehicles; and the batteries of the energy storage system. In addition, it manufactures and supplies various computer materials, such as polarizers, automotive materials, glass substrates, OLED films, OLED materials, battery materials and others, and RO membranes, as well as semi -drivers and display and battery materials for LCD photoresist .

Additionally, the Company offers human growth hormones, diabetes drugs, bovine somatotropins, vaccines, hyaluronic acid fillers and others; fine chemicals for rice cultivation; diagnostic kits; and others. In addition, it provides crop protection products, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural pesticides and others; research services; and facilities management and general cleaning services.

The company also manufactures and sells adhesives and electronic parts; sells water treatment membranes; and invests in risky companies. LG Chem, Ltd. was founded in 1947 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

4. Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey Plc supplies specialty chemicals in North America, Europe, China, the rest of Asia and internationally. It operates through Clean Air, Efficient Natural Resources, Health and New Markets segments.

The Clean Air segment provides catalysts for light-duty gasoline and diesel vehicles; and catalytic systems for diesel-powered trucks, buses and stationary equipment. This segment serves automobile manufacturers, heavy truck and engine manufacturers, Chinese producers and others.

The Efficient Natural Resources segment manufactures specialty catalysts and additives, as well as licensing process technology and provides services to the oil and gas industry; refines, recycles, markets and distributes platinum group metals (pgms); manufactures products from precious metals and related materials; supplies pgm chemicals and precious metal pastes and glazes. This segment serves chemical, oil and gas companies; engineering contractors; pgm industrial users; end-of-life automotive catalyst manifolds; and automotive industry suppliers.

The Health segment develops and manufactures active ingredients for various treatments; provides complex solutions for generic and innovative companies; and operates in the outsourced small molecule API market.

The New Markets segment offers battery materials, battery systems and fuel cell technologies; and provides science and technology to develop products for devices used in medical procedures, as well as catalysts for agricultural chemical markets. This segment serves automotive and heavy-duty vehicle businesses; lithium-ion cell manufacturers; fuel cell manufacturers; manufacturers of cordless tools and means of transport; medical device companiesfine chemicals and agrochemicals.

Johnson Matthey Plc was founded in 1817 and is based in London, UK.

5.SK Innovation

SK Innovation Co., Ltd., through its subsidiaries, operates as an energy and chemical company worldwide. It operates in four segments: Oil, Petrochemicals, Lubricants and Others.

The Company explores, develops, produces and sells crude oil and natural gas, and operates oil production blocks in the United States, Peru, Vietnam and China; imports crude oil; and produces and sells petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuel to distributors, service stations, and middle sellers, as well as to general consumers through stations -service or refill.

It also produces and sells olefin products, including ethylene and propylene; petrochemicals, such as synthetic resins and synthetic rubber; base oils for vehicle engines and transmissions; lubricant products for industries and vehicles; and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, which are used for electric vehicles and energy storage batteries, and lithium-ion battery separators.

In addition, the Company provides insurance, business advisory, oil transportation, investment and trading services; equity investing is picking up; and operation of a professional football club and service station.

Additionally, it provides LPG, Polymer Modified Asphalt, Premium Asphalt, Regular Asphalt, Sulfur and Mud Oil; and specialty and performance chemicals for the automotive, packaging, aromatics, olefins and polymers industries. It operates in 13 production projects and 4 LNG projects worldwide.

The company was previously known as SK Energy Co., Ltd. and changed its name to SK Innovation Co., Ltd. in January 2011. SK Innovation Co., Ltd. was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

6. Electrovaya

Electrovaya Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures and markets lithium-ion batteries in Canada, the United States and internationally.

It provides lithium-ion batteries and systems for material handling electric vehicles (MHEVs) and other electric transportation applications, as well as stationary electric storage and other battery markets.

The company also offers lithium-ion battery systems to power MHEVs, including forklifts and automated guided vehicles; and accessories, such as battery chargers for charging batteries.

In addition, it provides electromotive power products for electric trucks, electric buses and other transportation applications; industrial and residential products for energy storage; and power solutions, such as building systems for others.

The company was formerly known as Electrofuel Inc. and changed its name to Electrovaya Inc. in March 2002. Electrovaya Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada.

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