This EV battery can reach almost 100% charge in just 10 minutes

More electric vehicles (EVs) are available today than ever before from manufacturers such as Tesla, Rivian and Toyota. As governments have pushed manufacturers and buyers toward electric vehicles, consumers have expressed concern. One of the most important is the time it takes to fully charge an electric vehicle. A company has announced a breakthrough that could speed up the process. Its EV battery can reach nearly 100% charge in about 10 minutes.

The global shift towards electric vehicles

EV charging | Getty Images

Government policies have helped push the auto industry towards electric vehicles and away from gasoline-powered vehicles. Various countries offer tax incentives for electric vehicle purchases, stricter emissions and fuel efficiency standards, and some even ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles after a specific date. According to Politico, a 2021 executive order from President Biden states that in the United States, “50% of all new passenger cars and light vehicles sold in 2030” should be electric vehicles.

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