Everything you need to know about Ferrari’s electric future

Of all the elite automakers with an iconic lineage of making exclusive cars for niche buyers, Ferrari was the one who still feared pure electric mobility until now. During the Ferrari Capital Markets Day which has just ended, the Italian sports car specialist finally confirmed its plans to electrify its models in the years to come. It was a game-changing event for an automaker with some of the most sophisticated V8 and V12 engines in its lineup.

Ferrari’s move adapting the electrification route was bound to happen one day. This is because all automakers including peers like Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Maserati have announced their electrification plans involving their first ever pure electric vehicles in the near future. Many might think that this gradual shift from pure V8s and V12s to pure battery electric vehicles could make the Ferraris of the future soulless. However, the Italian automaker has serious plans to accept this inescapable future.

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Announcements by Ferrari for electrification plans

As part of its strategic plan for the next four years, Ferrari will launch 15 new products by 2026. That’s huge for a niche automaker like Ferrari. One of these fifteen new Ferrari models will be its very first all-electric model, which will be released in 2025.

By the end of 2026, Ferrari’s full lineup will consist of 40% internal combustion engine (ICE) models and 60% electrified models. The remaining 60% of electrified models will include fully electric models and some fully hybrid models. And that’s not all – by the end of 2030 the share of these models will change, with 20% ICE models, 40% hybrid models and 40% fully electric models across the entire Ferrari range.

These announcements indicate one thing: at least by 2030, Ferrari will not completely abandon pure ICE models. However, at the same time, the emphasis on electrified models – full hybrid and pure electric – will continue to increase. Like current full hybrid models such as SF90 and 296 GTB, the new hybrid cars will also benefit from technological inputs from Ferrari’s racing department.

Ferrari’s action plan for electrification

Ferrari has already set up a brand new development plant in Maranello to produce the electric motors for the new all-electric models. While Ferrari manufactures the V8s and V12s used in current Ferrari models in-house, it will outsource the batteries and software from Europe and Asia for the new all-electric model.

However, battery outsourcing will not be a permanent course of action. Ferrari is in talks with four companies simultaneously to develop premium solid-state EV batteries for its future models. As part of this development, Ferrari will inject investments worth 4.4 billion euros by 2026

According to Ferrari, it is considering the possibility of assembling battery cells outsourced to different companies at its Maranello plant. These batteries will be handcrafted and designed to be housed in the chassis of future all-electric models. For this, Ferrari will work on reducing weight and improving performance levels to create a driving experience similar to current Ferrari sports cars.

To reduce additional investment, Ferrari will also outsource components and operating system software for all-electric models. Operating systems are crucial in monitoring driving behavior and responding to over-the-air updates. However, Ferrari will focus more on improving the driving dynamics and performance of all-electric models rather than investing in the self-development of these components and software.

Retaining the “Ferrari-ness” in all-electric models

For Ferrari, retaining the performance and desirability of its ICE models in the new all-electric models will be a worrying challenge. It’s clear that with the advent of all-electric models, buyers will have fewer model options that deliver the aural drama that Ferrari has always been known for in its high-revving sports cars.

However, according to Ferrari chairman John Elkann, Ferrari will do everything possible to make the all-electric Ferraris stand out as true blue Ferrari models. All-electric Ferraris will need to have that distinctive appeal over other electric supercars like Pininfarina Battista and Rimac Nevera, which have already set high performance standards.

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Other Ferrari announcements on Capital Markets Day

Along with letting the world know its views and game plan for e-mobility, Ferrari also announced a few things that will help shape the fortunes of the Italian automaker in the months to come.

Ferrari has finally confirmed that it will unveil the highly anticipated Purosangue – its first-ever SUV – in September 2022. For Purosangue, Ferrari has limited deliveries to 20% of its total production volume throughout its life cycle.

In addition, Ferrari will also launch a range of Icona, supercar and special series models, which will be part of the 15-model lineup that Ferrari has planned for the next four years. Ferrari hopes to reach 5% of total volumes by Icona and supercar models and 10% by special series models by 2026.

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