How quickly do electric vehicle batteries degrade?

In a classic case of keeping up with the times, the automotive market is going electric, with the growing popularity and availability of electric vehicles. Companies like Tesla may have kickstarted the bandwagon, but other automakers are catching up. Jeep is even aiming to have most of its lineup electrified by 2025. That means people will have to rely more on car batteries than fuel tanks, which raises another concern; how quickly EV batteries degrade.

People’s concerns about electric vehicle batteries

EV batteries | Getty Images

All electric and electrified vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, which they share with laptops, smartphones and tablets. With laptops and smartphones, battery degradation is probably something you would expect. The device can hold a charge for 10 hours for the first few days of ownership, and that will eventually turn into seven hours or less with continued use.

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