StoreDot Begins Shipping ‘100in5’ Battery Cell Prototype to EV Manufacturers

Israeli battery manufacturing company StoreDot has started shipping its extremely fast “100in5” battery cells, capable of delivering 100 miles of range in just 5 minutes of charging to various electric vehicle manufacturers, it announced on Wednesday. .

StoreDot said it has started shipping EV cell samples to Daimler, VinFast, Volvo, Polestar and Ola Electric, all of which have invested in the cell company. The “100in5” battery technology will go into mass production in 2024, according to StoreDot, following another successful Series D funding round earlier this year.

In May, StoreDot demonstrated how its new “100in5” pocket cell could be used for “extremely fast” charging solutions in electric vehicles. The demonstration included StoreDot’s 300 millimeter by 100 millimeter handheld cell. The cell was charged to full capacity in less than ten minutes, which was the time limit for the presentation.

The cell maintained a charge rate capable of delivering 100 miles of range for every five minutes of charging. The battery did not overheat and never exceeded 33 degrees Celsius or 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit. StoreDot maintains that these temperatures are well below the company’s recommended operating temperatures.

StoreDot demonstrates 100 miles of charging in 5 minutes with pocket cell

In June, StoreDot performed another demonstration of the “100in5” cell at the International Symposium on Electric Vehicles in Oslo, Norway.

Since the demonstrations, StoreDot has accumulated more funding through its investment rounds and continued to develop and build more prototypes of the “100in5” cell, preparing to ship them to manufacturers. The sample cells are now on their way to various OEMs in the electric vehicle industry after being manufactured at StoreDot’s longtime manufacturing partner in China, EVE Energy.

The cells are still undergoing extensive real-world testing with strategic OEM partners and “other automotive players,” StoreDot said.

StoreDot Chief Commercial Officer Amir Tirosh commented on the announcement:

“I am delighted that we have now begun extensive real-world testing with major OEMs and I am confident that our cells will exceed OEM expectations for energy density and extremely fast charging. Current performance shows > 900 consecutive extremely fast charges (10% to 80%) in just 10 minutes, with over 300 Wh/kg We are on track to exceed our commercialization goal of 1000 cycles this year With the support and collaboration of key partners, StoreDot plans to begin mass production of our “100in5” cells and deliver 100 miles of range on a 5 minute charge in 2024. Our journey won’t end there, as we confidently pursue our goal to deliver 100 miles of range in just 3 minutes in 2028, and in 2 minutes of charging in a decade.

Fast-charging battery cells are one of the primary goals of the electric vehicle industry, as reducing long wait times for electric vehicle charging is a consumer need. While some companies have adapted various entertainment techniques to keep electric vehicle owners busy while their vehicles gain more range, cell manufacturers are trying to develop long-lasting and efficient fast-charging batteries that will revolutionize charging as car owners know it.

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StoreDot Begins Shipping ‘100in5’ Battery Cell Prototype to EV Manufacturers

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