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US Strategic Metals announces all-domestic production of critical minerals for electric vehicle batteries.

US Strategic Metals, LLC (“USSM”), a company committed to ethically and sustainably sourcing critical minerals to fuel the green energy revolution and advance America’s economic and national security, announced that it would inaugurate a Pilot Precursor Cathode Active Ingredients Plant (“PCAM”) later this month at USSM’s facilities in rural Missouri.

USSM’s PCAM facility, combined with its existing hydrometallurgical (“hydromet”) processing plant, will close the loop of critical mineral production entirely within the United States.

When the USSM enters PCAM production, U.S. EV makers and battery manufacturers may no longer need to travel outside the U.S. — to China or other countries — to obtain critical hardware. needed to power their vehicles.

Stacy W. HastieCEO of US Strategic Metals, said:

This new PCAM facility will dramatically improve US electric vehicle battery production by creating an end-to-end battery materials pipeline here in the US, already creating new jobs and significant economic opportunity in a rural and economically disadvantaged community , and represents a major environmental and economic success story, with USSM partnering with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to clean up this old lead mine and turn it into a new engine of growth .

Jamil N. Jafferformer Senior Advisor to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and member of the USSM Advisory Board, said:

This new plant and its ability to supply cobalt, nickel, lithium and other critical minerals alongside USSM’s strategic vision and approach to protecting America’s access to these materials has the potential to help break China’s grip on processing these critical materials once and for all. .

USSM’s hydrometallurgical pilot plant, which has been in operation for more than two years, uses proprietary U.S. technology to cleanly process a wide range of feedstocks, including materials from used electric vehicle batteries, existing mine waste and raw ore, in order to obtain new battery-grade metals. and other strategic metals.

By constructing a commercial-scale hydro-meteorological plant – which the USSM expects to begin commissioning by the end of the year – the USSM believes it could meet the half of total US demand for cobalt and nickel sulphate by 2025 and potentially all of US demand for cobalt sulphate. shortly after.

Today, China processes more than 90% of the world’s cobalt as well as many other essential minerals. As a result, China controls a key part of the global supply chain for electric vehicle batteries and other

aerospace and defense applications. The USSM’s ability to obtain and process these materials, along with other critical minerals, represents a tremendous opportunity to lead in environmental protection and enhance United States national security.

USSM’s new and existing pilot and commercial-scale facilities, combined with USSM’s ownership of one of the nation’s largest strategic metals sites with over 3,800 acres of mineral rights, allow USSM to quickly commercialize a national supply of ethically and sustainably sourced critical minerals to meet our nation’s unprecedented demand.

Indeed, with the successful completion of its PCAM pilot plant and the future construction of a commercial-scale PCAM facility in partnership with industry-leading engineering and design-build company CLAYCO, USSM will be the world’s leading cobalt producer with a complete, closed-loop supply chain in the United States adhering to the highest standards of ethics and environmental stewardship.

USSM uses a transformative hydrometallurgical process that can significantly reduce emissions, waste and inefficient energy consumption that affects other processing capabilities like leaching and smelting used in China and elsewhere.

USSM also has valuable partnerships with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help ensure that all of USSM’s efforts are consistent with leadership our country’s global environmental agenda.

This means that the USSM has the potential to completely relieve the United States’ current reliance on foreign adversaries in a manner consistent with American values. Additionally, in addition to being able to obtain these key battery materials entirely in the United States, having domestic processing capability in the United States means that the USSM has the potential to disintermediate China from its current role of processing the vast majority of the world’s cobalt supply.

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About US Strategic Metals, LLC

US Strategic Minerals, LLC (“USSM”) is a holding company whose constituent companies are committed to undertaking high quality, reliable, ethical and sustainable efforts to obtain essential minerals to protect the economic and national security of the United States. United.

USSM, through its subsidiary, Missouri Cobalt, is the only vertically integrated producer and recycler of critical battery materials, including cobalt, nickel and lithium, in North America and is therefore strategically positioned to provide the clean, national and ethically sourced battery metals required. to meet the unprecedented demand for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.

Strong points:

  • The opening of USSM’s PCAM battery pilot plant in rural Missouri marks the first time an American company has produced critical minerals entirely in the United States to meet American demand for electric vehicle batteries.

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