Why we can’t wait for the Lexus LFA’s electric successor

Gearboxes around the world rejoiced in the wonder of the Lexus LFA. A somewhat infamous car in the realm of supercars. With bold styling, a ridiculously loud V10 engine and carbon fiber construction, the LFA is arguably the pinnacle of front-engined supercars. This model did two things for the Toyota family of brands. First, the car came as a swan song for the naturally aspirated engine. Second, with some of the most advanced technologies to have left Toyota and Lexus, this has become the ultimate halo car after nearly a decade of development. Famously, the car needed a digital dash because a physical dial couldn’t track how fast the engine was revving all the way to the 8,750 rpm redline. The LFA entered production in 2010 and left in 2013. An outlier in the Lexus lineup when the LFA left the lineup it left a gaping chasm. Lexus continued to fill it with various F, branded models and the LC. However, with their focus on hybrid drivetrains, nothing has captured the hearts of gearheads around the world.

More than a decade after the LFA, Lexus hints at the model’s successor. The brands have now had the time to develop their electric technologies to the point of being able to launch a successor to the LFA. Continuing its heritage, the Lexus BEV Sport draws its styling from the current LFA and Supra and showcases the brand’s engineering capabilities.

This electric supercar will carry on the legacy of Lexus’ greatest car.

What is the Lexus BEV Sport?

Featured as a concept in Toyota’s 2021 corporate battery electric vehicle announcement. According to Lexus, this is the “next possible generation” of Lexus electric vehicles. Lexus suggests this model would accelerate to 60 mph in the low 2-second range. This makes it an equal match for the next Tesla Roadster and the current Tesla Model S Plaid. Essentially, this would be at the limit of what is physically possible. But not just a great sprinter, Lexus also promises a range of 430 miles.

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Stylistically, the BEV Sport balances classic influences with the brand’s current design language. As a side profile, it looks a lot like the current Supra, but also the grand tourers of yesteryear. With a long bonnet, a small space for a driver and a passenger as well as a short trunk, this does not upset the formula. This remains the case even if the car doesn’t need as long a bonnet to house a large engine as on those classic Mercedes-Benz models that establish this formula. With curved headlights, it looks a lot like the Toyota Supra from the front as well. However, for the moment, Lexus has not presented the rear.

When will the Lexus BEV Sport be launched?

This model is part of Lexus’ BEV concepts which also include an SUV and a sedan. With a complete vision of the future of Lexus, these will surely go on sale. However, the first concept LFA debuted in 2005, four years before the production model. In August of this year, the BEV Sport featured prominently at the Monterey Car Show, but not with a physical presence. Instead, Thursday afternoon, after a cocktail reception, CALTY Design Research President Kevin Hunter will provide insight into the creation of the all-electric Lexus BEV Sport. To receive such attention and before the brand’s confirmed upcoming models indicate that this model will be available soon.

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Apparently, the Tesla Roadster will go on sale in 2023, however, details from Tesla are yet to be confirmed. With that, case makers are in a race to get the first EV supercar on sale. Ferrari offers a plethora of hybrid models. McLaren’s Artura recently went on sale. A range of smaller manufacturers are selling EV supercars and hypercars. However, the big brands have yet to take the plunge. With that in mind, the BEV Sport could possibly hit the market as early as the 2024 model year.

Additionally, the latest fifth generation Supra appeared in concept form in 2018 before launching in 2019. According to Toyota, this has revived “the name and spirit of the most famous model in the illustrious heritage of cars Toyota sports car”. With an LFA successor also continuing a legacy, Toyota would surely be looking to get the model into production just as quickly.

What technology will be present on the Lexus BEV Sport?

Along with ridiculous acceleration and probably some of the most powerful batteries yet, Lexus will likely be looking to introduce some game-changing technology with this model. Consumers can expect features like regenerative braking and some sort of torque redistribution system that can send a car sideways even if it’s an all-wheel-drive model. Lexus promises “exceptional craftsmanship, reliability, intuitive technology”, in other words, the same old Lexus. The company has recently dabbled in technologies such as autonomous driving. But who’s to say they’ll stop there with futuristic technology. Going further into the realm of science fiction, that means the infotainment system won’t take the form of a holographic display. Such a gadget is necessary to gain ground online but also to continue the legacy of the legendary LFA.

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