When will electric vehicles capable of towing your boat, caravan or horse-drawn cart arrive in Australia?

Electric vehicles “won’t tow your boat, they won’t tow your trailer” and will mark the end of the weekend – at least according to former Prime Minister Scott Morrison in 2019.

Well, he wasn’t quite right, as explained in an ABC RMIT Fact Check at the time, and automakers are now creating all-electric models with serious towing capabilities.

But when will they hit the Australian market?

There are already electric vehicles with towing kits available in Australia with different towing capacities below 1.6 tonnes.

That’s not enough for Dayboro-based Nick Bradley, who tows up to 3 tonnes of metal and livestock every weekend from his South Queensland property.

“The weight changes depending on how many horsepower we have at the back.

“We also have a front trailer installed in the horse cart,” he told ABC NewsRadio.

Nick Bradley owns a 2018 Toyota Prado but is looking to upgrade to an electric vehicle.(Provided: Nick Bradley)

It uses a 2018 Toyota Prado combustion engine, capable of pulling up to 3 tons when connected to a so-called “braked” electric braking system.

But with the cost of petrol and diesel so high, he is thinking about what his next purchase will be.

“Electric vehicles are the way of the future…and I’m still looking to modernize, so why not modernize in the present for the future?

“But there is nothing available for immediate delivery.”

Not to meet Nick’s towing needs, anyway.

Strict rules and safety considerations

There are several models currently available in Australia if you are planning to tow a lighter trailer or a braked compact caravan under 1.6 tonnes.

But many just aren’t big enough for heavier loads.

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