Lucid Air Pure slashes Model S price and efficiency, and production nears

California-based Lucid Motors, which last week began taking reservations for its most expensive model to date, the quarter-million-dollar, over 1,200hp Air Sapphire, could already begin the production of its most affordable Air Pure version, at under $90,000.

In a Twitter post on Friday, the company previewed a Lucid Air rolling off the production line with a solid aluminum roof. It is a distinct variation of the glass canopy roof built into the Air Dream Edition and Grand Touring models that the company has manufactured until now. And considering the solid roof is coming with later availability for the midrange Air Touring but has been a distinguishing feature of the Air Pure from the start, all signs pointed to the latter.

Lucid confirmed Green Car Reports that the car pictured with CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson and chief engineer Eric Bach is indeed an Air Pure.

Yes, that’s the version starting at $88,900 including the $1,500 destination charge. The Lucid Air Pure will be available in a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive configuration, flagged in Lucid’s build tool for “later availability” – so it’s likely that these early Pure versions will have the dual-wheel-drive option. $5,500 engine, bringing the total to at least $94,400.

The Pure is the entry point to the range but isn’t stripped down; it’s the package that CEO Rawlinson has singled out as “the purest expression of the Air” because its flatter battery pack – shared with the Touring – allows for more foot room inside. back. It’s also lighter and more in line with the company’s focus on efficiency. In the not-too-distant future, its technology could allow consumer electric vehicles to go further with smaller batteries than competing models.

Lucid listed the Air Pure as achieving an expected range of 406 miles – not yet confirmed by the EPA, but coincidentally 1 mile longer than the current, longer-range Tesla Model S. The Lucid Air shows its efficiency superiority in achieving this with a usable battery capacity somewhere near its listed 88 kWh, while the Model S has a usable capacity of around 95 kWh.

2022 Lucid Air

And although Tesla showed a competitive advantage when Lucid first announced Air details, it has since hiked prices again. Right now, a non-Plaid Model S starts at $106,190—apples to apples, or nearly $12,000 difference between dual-motor versions with over 400 miles of EPA range.

That said, no official announcement regarding its production ramp or arrival schedule has yet been released by the automaker. Both the Air Touring and the Air Pure are expected by the end of the year, according to Lucid, and while the company’s volume growth hasn’t been as rapid as initially expected, it’s still expected to grow by the end of the year. It’s a good sign to see a mix of models in the works.

As of last update, the Lucid Air Touring and Grand Touring were both expected in the fourth quarter, but it’s possible the automaker may have moved to the Pure first for supply chain reasons and a ramp. production slower than expected. Earlier this year, the company said glass was one of the commodities it was having supply issues with.

Lucid Air in production - Casa Grande, Arizona

Lucid Air in production – Casa Grande, Arizona

Last month, Lucid halved its 2022 production estimate, signaling ongoing supply chain and logistics issues. The company now expects to deliver 6,000 to 7,000 vehicles in 2022, and by the end of the first half of this year it had delivered 1,039 vehicles, for a total of 1,164 Air models delivered by that date.

Finding buyers is certainly not the problem. As of August 3, Lucid reported more than 37,000 reservations, up about 7,000 from the previous quarter and despite a steep price hike of up to $15,000 across the entire model line.

Note that many will get the Pure for $10,000 less than its current price of $88,900, as Lucid has allowed holders of past reservations through June 1 to lock in prices.

Lucid currently has an installed capacity of 34,000 vehicles per year, should it overcome these issues, and a Phase 2 expansion bringing capacity to 90,000 units per year, including space to build the next Gravity SUV, is planned for the beginning of 2023. a Saudi factory that will be able to manufacture up to 155,000 vehicles.

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