Ford F-150 Hybrid sales drop in third quarter of 2022

The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling vehicle for over 30 years. This popular pickup truck added a hybrid powertrain option for 2021. As the electrified vehicle segment took off, Ford F-150 Hybrid sales plummeted in the third quarter of 2022. We take a look at what happened .

Sales of electric vehicles have increased

Ford F-150 | Ford Multimedia Center

Ford Authority reports that sales of electrified vehicles hit a new record high in the third quarter of 2022. More than 200,000 electrified vehicles were sold this quarter, and electrified vehicles saw higher sales volume and share growth than the ‘automobile industry. According to Kelley Blue Book, “electrified vehicles continue to be the darling of the industry, with market growth and consumer interest now reflected in record sales figures”.

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