Ford again sets electric vehicle sales record

Last month, we covered Ford’s booming electric vehicle sales. Turns out it was just getting started. For May (the May figures come out in June), Ford achieved even stronger sales figures compared to May of last year.

“While the global shortage of semiconductor chips remains an issue for the industry, our inventory continues to rotate at a record pace, with nearly 50% of our retail sales coming from previously placed orders,” said Andrew Frick. , Vice President, Sales, Distribution and Trucks, Blue Ford. “Our newest models, including Bronco, Bronco Sport and Maverick, continue to increase our sales volume. Our electric vehicle sales, with the addition of the F-150 Lightning this month, increased by 222%, nearly four times the industry rate.”

While that number doesn’t seem surprising next to Tesla, Ford sold 6,254 electric vehicles last month. That puts its total sales 222% above last May’s figures, an incredible increase. Perhaps more importantly, Ford’s EV sales growth is now four times that of the overall EV market, meaning the company is grabbing ground and market share. from other manufacturers.

Let’s take a look at each of Ford’s electric vehicles. The Mustang Mach-E, which has been around for a while, has increased its growth by 166% compared to May sales of last year. Total sales were 5,179 vehicles, making Mach-E the bulk of Ford’s electric vehicle sales for the month.

The E-Transit, Ford’s new delivery van that just went on sale, totaled 874 units sold. We cannot compare these numbers to last year, as there was no E-Transit last year. Year-to-date sales (through the end of May) totaled 2,449 electric vans, putting Ford’s numbers at more than all other electric van suppliers combined. The company is among the first in the market, so it pushes the volume much more than the competition.

F-150 Lightning sales also kicked off last month, with the company delivering its first 201 units. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s important to keep in mind that Ford continues to ramp up production and many more units are already in transit to customers. Speaking of customers, Ford tells us that 75% of Lightning customers are new to Ford, so that attracts a lot of new people.

All of these sales combined put Ford in second place in total monthly EV sales, and they only trail Tesla.

Another notable vehicle is the Ford Maverick, a small hybrid pickup truck. We’re not normally enthusiastic about hybrid vehicles, but as one of the first fuel-efficient small pick-ups, it takes the place of a lot of the work that would otherwise happen with full-size pick-ups, which means that it has an outsized environmental impact compared to most other hybrids on the market. Going from 10-15 MPG in the city to nearly 40 MPG (that’s an actual number I’ve heard from a number of owners) is important, if not perfect.

But hey, it could be a great “gateway drug” for truck owners to get into electrification. Sales of the Maverick totaled 6,089 for the month of May. The average time on lot was just five days for these trucks, and 97% of Maverick sales came from previously placed orders. That means they’re in such high demand that they don’t sit on dealer lots at all.

Ford also told us that 38,000 customers had paid to activate Blue Cruise on new Ford vehicles that were equipped with it. It’s not really self-driving, but it shows there’s a strong demand for Ford’s answer to Tesla Autopilot. So self-driving vehicles (or vehicles that steer us in that direction, to be honest and avoid car washes) are also becoming a strong point for Ford.

Image selected by Ford.

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