10 things we love about the Range Rover Sport PHEV

Hybrid SUVs offer the efficiency of electric vehicles in a practical and useful form factor. These SUVs come with the same functionality you’d expect from traditional SUVs, but offer highly efficient powertrains that make city driving an absolute dream.

land roverThe new Range Rover Sport manages to modernize almost every aspect of the legendary SUV. The new model features a sleek design and carries over many design cues from the Range Rover Velar. However, the new Range Rover Sport is available as an MHEV and PHEV model.

Want to know more about the new Range Rover Sport PHEV? Here are 10 things we love about the new hybrid version of the iconic Range Rover Sport.

ten Modern design

Range Rover is one of the leading brands in its segment. This unique British automaker has developed some of the most coveted SUVs in the world, featuring the very latest in technology and performance.

The Range Rover Sport is a performance model that includes a unique design. The new Range Rover Sport is a modern interpretation of this original design and incorporates some design cues from the smaller Range Rover Velar. This includes retractable door handles and sleek, minimal lights in the front and rear of the vehicle.

9 Luxurious finishes

The Range Rover Sport is the industry leader in luxury finishes. The interior of the new Range Rover Sport changes dramatically from the brand’s previous model by including massive digital displays for the driver and infotainment system.

Interior build quality is incredibly high-end, with owners able to choose from a wide range of different interior options. This allows owners to fully personalize their Range Rover Sport without losing any of the quality that makes the brand so exclusive.

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8 The latest technology

The Range Rover Sport comes with the latest technology Range Rover has to offer. This includes a modern engine management system, but also a unique powertrain that gives you incredible efficiency whether you’re using your Range around town or over long distances.

The new Range Rover Sport comes with Active Noise Cancellation which can detect and cancel outside noise when you’re in the car. This helps create a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones every time you get in the car.

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seven Off-road capabilities

The Range Rover may have been designed as the luxury division of Land Rover, but this British marque still has impressive off-road performance baked into its DNA. The new Range Rover Sport expands on this with all-wheel steering and an improved off-road driving mode.

The new Range Rover Sport also comes with a few features that can make city and off-road driving easier. One of the main features that enable this is the cabin air purification system which actively reduces odors, bacteria and allergens from the air.

6 Practical features

The Range Rover Sport is designed to be the perfect everyday driver for the whole family. This means the new Range Rover Sport is loaded with innovative new comfort features to make everyday driving an absolute pleasure.

These modern convenience features include an automated tailgate, adaptive cruise control and wireless connectivity. This allows you to seamlessly connect your cell phone to the car to use both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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5 The MHEV model

The entry-level Range Rover Sport comes with the British automaker’s P360 Automatic MHEV powertrain. This innovative hybrid powertrain seamlessly integrates the traditional engine with the electric motor to operate efficiently in the background.

The Range Rover Sport SE comes with a 355hp powertrain that can accelerate from 0-60 in just 5.7 seconds. The Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE model comes with the P400 MHEV powertrain. This 395hp engine can accelerate from 0-60 in just 5.4 seconds, a slight performance improvement over the standard SE model.

4 The PHEV model

The Range Rover Sport harnesses the power of its MHEV powertrain to extract efficiency from behind the scenes. However, the PHEV model allows the electric batteries to be recharged directly for even greater efficiency. This model even allows you to drive the vehicle in electric-only mode.

The Range Rover Sport Autobiography features the P440e Automatic PHEV engine which produces 434 HP. This impressive powertrain can accelerate from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, but at the same time includes some impressive efficiency numbers.

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3 Performance with efficiency

Range Rover has always dominated the luxury SUV market because its cars perfectly combine luxury and performance. The new Range Rover Sport goes one step further by incorporating hybrid powertrains to make the new models efficient at the same time.

Although the exact numbers may vary depending on the model you choose, the standard Range Rover Sport comes with an MHEV engine which can give you around 20 miles per gallon while the PHEV models can give you around 50 miles per gallon. This makes the new Range Rover range one of the most efficient SUVs on the market.

2 Innovative drive technology

The Range Rover Sport features innovative drive technology that makes driving both short and long distances easier. The new Range Rover comes with hybrid powertrains, but also includes a few dynamic drive modes to help manage the premium SUV setup.

The new Range Rover comes with a few different modes for economical and capable driving. However, the new models also come with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, adaptive headlights and 360-degree cameras to help you navigate any terrain safely.

1 The first edition of the Range Rover Sport

Although there are a few different models of the Range Rover Sport available, the First Edition is the flagship version of the SUV which comes with a 523hp powertrain. This flagship model comes with a wide range of amenities and interior features that come in a sleek and aggressive design.

The Range Rover Sport First Edition comes with a 523 HP engine which can also produce 457 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle’s hybrid-electric range is estimated at around 48 miles, making it perfect for short city trips.

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