Two German muscle cars that landed in Mendoza

Unlike vehicles from so-called generalist or volume brands, special or luxury vehicles have a niche throughout the world, including in Mendoza. It is that the imported models generally reach these latitudes at about the same time as the markets of their origin. And a good example are the “tanks” of German companies.

Since these weeks, two long-awaited copies of the two most sought-after brands around the world have landed in Mendoza. On the one hand, he introduced Mercedes Benz C 300 AMG-Line and on the other – and not to continue – a BMW 2 Series Coupe.

In both cases, we are talking about machines that cost more than $100,000 and, contrary to what many might think, demand is high for the number of units that dealers usually have as quotas. for which a waiting list is also open. ,

Mercedes Benz C 300 AMG-Line

Mercedes has ushered in a new era with this copy that is more digital and efficient than ever, but without giving up the familiar comforts of the new C-Class. It is now a more elegant and distinctive car than its predecessor, which is marketed in Argentina. 300 AMG-Line version mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV).

The central theme of the development of the new C-Class was to reduce consumption compared to hybrids and to improve stability. All this is marked by its design and its new proportions and measures, without compromising its performance.

The dimensions of the new C-Class receive an increase in the space available for all passengers, from the driver and front passenger to the rear seats.

Inside, some of the strengths of the new S-Class have been adopted and implemented in a sportier touch. The dashboard consists of two sections, an upper and a lower. The dashboard and center screen are angled slightly towards it at a six-degree angle.

In driving conditions, the high-definition LCD screen stands out. This freestanding display appears to float in front of the surface of the airfoil and trim element. Thus, the Driver’s Display clearly differentiates itself from traditional driving conditions by offering a 12.3-inch Full Digital HD screen.

In terms of propellants, it debuts with a four-cylinder (M 254) 2.0 Turbo engine connected to a 48V mild hybrid system. It develops 258 hp at 5,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm between 2,000/3,200 rpm. The gearbox associated with it is an automatic 9G-tronic with a 9-speed torque converter.

In terms of safety, the concept is based on intelligently designed bodywork and impact structures with controlled deformation characteristics in combination with seat belts and a seven-airbag system.

Two German muscle cars that landed in Mendoza

In the event of an accident, the system can be activated to precisely protect vehicle occupants depending on the situation. For example, belt tensioners and airbags, among others.

In our country, the new C-Class is sold in only one version, the C300 mild-hybrid, with the AMG line pack. Its price starts from $104,000. The warranty is three years and does not count towards the mileage limit.

Two German muscle cars that landed in Mendoza

The long-awaited BMW 2 Series Coupé

In his local presentation, the brand’s product genius, Sebastian Santa Maria, defined some of the design themes of this model, whose headlights are inspired by the 1969 02 range, which was partly derived from the creation of the BMW coupé . Also, for the first time, outside the “M” line, side mirrors with an aerodynamic wave can be seen – like M3 or M4.

The truth is that this renovation takes sporting spirit to a whole new level thanks to a vehicle that combines dynamic excellence, athletic design, characteristic BMW technology and dynamism with a very powerful engine, now available in the country. East. In its most powerful configuration: the M240i xDrive.

Its power base is based on an inline 6-cylinder engine with all-wheel drive and chassis components inherited from the BMW 4 Series Coupé, already available in the country from 2021. “As we continue to expand the range. In terms of vehicles and technologies available in the country, we are moving forward with our dealer network to deliver a premium customer experience and in preparation for the arrival of BMW Group Electromobility in Argentina in the second half of this year. “, he said in the national presentation. commented. In press – Buenos Aires – Ivana Dipp, CEO of BMW Group, Argentina. We were there with these exclusive images with Cuyomotor as well.

Two German muscle cars that landed in Mendoza

In Argentina, the M240i xDrive will be the first representative of the new 2 Series coupé. Hailing from Mexico, this generation is equipped with a 3-litre TwinPower turbo engine developing 387 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque between 1,900 and 5,000 rpm . The drive package is mated to an 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission.

The compact dimensions of 4.53 m long do not reduce the increase in static torsional rigidity by up to 12% compared to the previous model. It achieves an even 50:50 weight distribution, while optimized aerodynamics combined with intelligent all-wheel drive

Aesthetically, it features the grille with the BMW kidney emblem with a horizontal design and features a vertically arranged plate instead of the classic bar – which electronically controls the airflow when the engine needs a greater quantity. air to cool down. ,

Two German muscle cars that landed in Mendoza

As far as infotainment technology is concerned, a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel and 10.25-inch Control Display come as standard in the BMW Live Cockpit Professional. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available for smartphone synchronization.

Pricing for the BMW 2 Series Coupe M240i xDrive is $101,900. Warranty: 3 years or 200,000 km.

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