The 8 cheapest electric cars you can buy right now

If you want to buy one of the cheapest electric cars, your options are quite limited. Electric cars are already more expensive than an equivalent gas-powered car, and to make matters worse, automakers tend to work from the top down. So we see them focusing on premium and luxury vehicles before moving on to cheaper segments.

It’s okay to ditch petrol and buy an electric car, even if it depends on your ability to afford one. Buying a used electric car can expand your options a bit, but even then it’s worth knowing which ones were already the cheapest on the spectrum. So here are the cheapest electric cars you can buy right now, all with starting prices below $40,000.

Chevy Bolt – from $25,600

chevy bolt electric car

(Image credit: Chevy)

The Chevy Bolt is currently the cheapest electric car on the market, before taking into account the federal electric vehicle tax credit. With credits, however, Chevy still lags behind the Nissan Leaf. That appears to change on January 1, when the sales cap will be lifted and potentially give the Bolt a chance to earn that discount.

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