What is Hyundai Hybrid Blue technology?

Many people are buying hybrid vehicles and other more efficient options thanks to record gasoline prices. If you fall into this category and have come across a Hyundai model listed as a “Hybrid Blue” example, it might seem a bit confusing. Hyundai’s Blue Drive technology is a special set of technological advancements that make its already super-efficient hybrids even more efficient. If you’re looking for a non-plug-in hybrid that still achieves over 50 miles per gallon, a Hyundai Blue Drive hybrid vehicle may be your best bet!

Hyundai Hybrid Blue Drive technology uses intelligent management features to optimize fuel economy

Hyundai Elantra hybrid | hyundai

According to Read Motor Group, a UK-based Hyundai dealership, Hyundai’s Blue Drive technology package offers a real and practical solution to an impressive amount of fuel efficiency optimization and reduction of harmful emissions.

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